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Who will inherit my house?

How can I give my jewelry to my daughter?

Who will inherit my assets?

Who will be my executor?

Can I leave money to a charity?

What will happen to my pets after I’m gone?

Who will care for my children if I’m not there?

Can I leave money for my grandchildren’s education?

Who will carry out my burial wishes?

How can I make sure my end-of-life wishes are followed?

Who will inherit my assets?

If you’re asking yourself these questions, your parents and grandparents are asking too. It is time to protect your family and let everyone know your wishes.

We created Simple Wills Trusts to make preparing your will or living trust straightforward, effortless, accessible, and user-friendly: as easy as pie! Don’t leave things up to fate. Protect your family today.

Our estate plans, created by experienced estate planning attorneys, are legally valid for your state and custom-tailored by you.

Legally Valid

In addition to being hosted on the AWS server, Simple uses bank-level encryption to keep your information safe and secure.


By answering a few simple questions, you will create your own customized, state-specific estate plan in as little as 15 minutes!


Our fully legally binding state-specific estate plans start at $99.
We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.


State-Specific Will

Will-Based Estate Plan

A Will is sufficient for most of us. In a Will, you may nominate gurdians for your children and pets, decide who will recieive your assets and who will handle your affairs, leave gifts, exclude people from an inheritance, and specify final arrangements. A will is low-cost and simple to prepare.

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State-specific Trust

Trust-Based Estate Plan

A Living Trust covers everything in a Will, but unlike a Will, a Trust allows you to avoid probate court and keep your wishes private. It is a smooth and quick distribution of your assets to your family outside of court.

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Unlimited Updates For 1 Year

Each purchase comes with free updates for the first year. After that, you may purchase an additional year of unlimited updates ($29 for Will, $59 for Trust). You can revoke a Will or Living Trust or amend them at any time before you pass away.

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