Our Story

We’re on a mission to make estate planning simple, effortless, accessible, and user-friendly.

We all know of a friend or family member who passed away without a will. Instead of grieving, the family was overwhelmed with legal paperwork and court proceedings to access bank accounts and assets.

That’s why we decided to create Simple. Our families should grieve without stressing about legal paperwork and court proceedings.

Our team of legal experts automated the process to make wills and trusts easy so they are affordable and accessible to everyone. No one should have to struggle while grieving for their loved ones, so we’ve made it easy to prepare your will, leave a legacy, and let your family know your end-of-life wishes.

Is Simple the right fit for you?

We can tell you that it is legally valid, state specific and customized by you. It is extremely easy to use, and will help you protect your family and legacy for the next generation plus - it only takes about 15 minutes.

Unlimited Updates For 1 Year

Each purchase comes with free updates for the first year. After that, you may purchase an additional year of unlimited updates ($29 for Will, $59 for Trust). You can revoke a Will or Living Trust or amend them at any time before you pass away.

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